Tilly King Bed Frame

So today I want to discuss uh the Chile king-size bed and the reason this stood out to me was really because of not really because of the umDimensions or the which are by the way height 138 centimeters depth 498 centimeters sogiven that. It's a king-sized bed thread right it doesn't come with a mattress you'd have to sort the mattress out yourself okay but it does come with standard bed frame that's king size but I like the design it's quite uh modern looking that's. The main thing that attracted me to this bedroom I think the colors uh obviously you've got a choice of three different Fabrics seven different colors and the bed is hand craftedyou know it's not a factory machine made bedprobably a.

At All So Far Stretches !

At all so far stretches of Asia it's not one of those bedsproper handcraftedit's one of those beds that you canfeel good about and feel good inso the reason I like this is God he's got a type of contemporary wear Edge not around it. You know proper bed looks like a quality bed you know I know there's not a lot you know sometimes we tend to associate valuewith quantity or we feel that there should be more of somethingyou know unless it's unless there's a lot the. Other types of value for example if there were actual diamonds in the headboard that were real diamonds or something or although it was real gold in the head but then obviously we know that I had the volume so we've got aesthetic va.

Value and you've got uhI wouldn't say functional I would say morequantity based value so you want the bed to look bigger yeahyou know class type of board things like that but to me because of the style of this headboard it just look. A bit more expensive than it actually is to this Tilly bedunlike others does not have any drawers built inand that adds to the Sleek design now that is you want to think about that this style of bed if you've already gotum no enough. Wardrobes either built-in or freestanding you've got enough storage space you're not concerned abouthaving storage under the bed or you don't want to like lean over it oh you know we are you need is to like access the storage or you.

Know it could be for any any reason rightbut you've already got enough storage you don't want any storage in this bed and I think this bed just looks sleek on its own you know just just function if it's just a bedthat's why I think. This bed is good fornot actually for what it is so I like the design let me know what you think in comments make sure you like share subscribe the price of this bed is 530 pounds about 550 dollars and it's the Tilly King frame bed I. Can see in the comments.



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