Lucine Double Drawer Base Bed Sale

So today I want to discuss a different type of home furnishing for your furniture and we're going to move into the bedroom now. So the bedroom is a very important place because it's where you get most of your sleep unless you're sleeping. On the sofa because it's so comfortable that we've been talking about older than that you would bepicked on a nice bed practicallygood condition for the following day to carry out your duties whatever they may beum yeah I'm going to. To work on taking care of the house or something like thatsohere we have the lucene beddouble bed with two double drawsheight of 200 depth of 208 centimeters hi everyonedouble check the woods but standard standard double bed size bu.

Bird Comes In Seven !

Bird comes in seven different colorsis available with mattress if you wantnow when it comes to picking Rich style choices that you're gonna have to make four the bedroom the eagle place the bed within you have to decideit will come. Come from either one of two stagesthe first stage beingpart whereoh youyou uh either redecorating or you are you've done decorating you're just replacing the bag right there's two two scenarios yeah oh you're moving for examplethree. Scenario right moving and replacing the bed a similar scenario kind of thingso if you're just moving or replacing like an existing bed with a new planyou need totake a look at the color of the walls say for example there are blue co.

That you might want to go to a bit something that's gray black blue white you know that's the type of cool choice you might want to makebut this is if you do not want to change anything for what you've already got you need to look a. At what you've already got and see how the bed fits you can see fits in or the other way do you want it to stand outabsolutely different to what Studio Decor Furnishings look likeso if summer rollsstyling out your space and having t. The right choice ofdecor with matching almost you know it's popular to match things still right but there is the you know the more the other side where everything is unmatched and me to be honest I do like both I like to be.

Sometimes to be unmatched [Music]stand out on their own but I do also like like if I had two living rooms I think which I don't what if I did ever have two to our living room on a reception room [Music] I would probably make one wit. With matching furniture and what with our matching furnitureprobably with like classical furniture or something I don't know something our hand our custom made furniture or something in the unmatching one and matching probably handc. Furniture Ian thebattery onethat's how I would do itwe're thinking about interior design slotdoes that but that's a personalwe want to[Music] I think I could keep it that way but it depends it all depends it tells how many guests I'.

I'Ve Got Coming Over ?

I've got coming over it depends you know everything's a talking point at the end of the day sometimes you want your your bed or your well you don't really want your bed to be talking about your other furnitureideas forenjoyable life. Sleepingthings like thatso I mean to have a relaxing bed the leucine sounds like Lucyis uh very comfortable comes with atwo-year guarantee and is available forthe modest price of just 650 pounds and that isalthough delivery charges. May apply if you live in certain areas but majority of okay is nice for delivering soI would saythat this bed offers everything you need if you're looking for a well-designed well crafted handcrafted breadI'm customized to a certain.

Extent as well in terms ofthe prepared future as wellwe'll need toto make the right type of style choices cool for this but this bed would mostly match or fit well into definitely most of the majority of bedrooms because it's quite. A standard look as well it's like a square you know the the headboard the baseboard and things like that uh style of the bed uh verypopularjust making it quite a an easy choice to uh stylize and fade to the decor that you have so it. Available 649 delivery is free just to summarize at most places there may be charges and obviously it's got a two-year guarantee which is very good for a bedcan have seven different colors and it's hand craftedit's excellent the Luc.



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