Jenna Double Lux TV Bed

Now when it comes to luxury beds for a decent price one of the best luxury beds that you can get has to betv beds right tv beds are likesome of the most well sought after beds the television right on the end of your bed how's that so here we. Have the Jenna bed double bed built-in TV high quality content seven different colors it's got a two-year guarantee and it really offers a lot of the handcrafted customizations that we used to from this level of a luxury. Bed because it has built-in TV a luxurious high-top soft Diamante style headboard and it really offers everything that you can possibly want from electronic style bed now for this bed you don't really need to look at you know installing the.

Tv And Things Like !

TV and things like that in your room because you have it built into the bed so it says you having to like wall mount to television or to do anything else like that whole controlled Electric football it comes out of the footboard the. Bed and raise it up so you can just relax be in bed watching TV listen for me nice and easy [Music] nothing to worry about just relaxing [Music] the thing is with this type of bed right you got to factor in you've got enough head ar. Your bedroom because obviously this bed can fit into any room that can accommodate a double bed right is slightly bigger than the double bed because of obviously he's got the TV so that adds quite a few sentiments to the bed but.

Can fit anywhere double bed car the only thing is is that in some rules the end of the bed because sometimes I'll scatter around it like[Music]they've got wardrobes that are built you know oh the bottom of the bed is the headboard o. Or you know it depends like rooms are different right I'm talking about if there's not a lot of space in your room that this bed may not be ideal but if you've got enough space in your room accommodate all the double bed don't be oka. You've got to have enough room for the headboard the headboard has to be another head bolt sorry the footboard can sometimes go higher than the headboard so it creates a situation where because the TV is being raised up because you've.

You've got the height of the TV and then you've got the higher the forever it sits under and then you've got the height of the uh depending on how high that goes uh when it raises the TV up from the bed then you've got the height of. Of the footboard itself and when the TV comes up it could be higher than the headboard High so basically make sure you've got enough hard to measure it easily right without being beat is measure the height of the bed with the headbo. Right and slightly more than that I'd say like 10 15 centimeters more than a head phones pace support for the TV link you've got to make sure you've got enough room otherwise you know your TV is going to be knocking into things when it'.

Getting Raised Up ?

Getting raised up which is what we don't want you to have a nice comfortable time with bed watching the TV so what I would say is do the measurements accurately if you're currently obviously if you you know if you if you're just repl. A bed again a new one then you might just beto replace a bed already have all of your furniture fixtures in place there's some wardrobes are built in you know in onto a fixated onto the walls and somehow the freestanding if you've g. You've got freestanding Furniture you can move it about you've got to factor in right away you're going to put everything how you get organizedthing butyou've also gotto factor in the way that you're going to deal with things if you'.

Decorating the room I remember some of these beds can take up to six weeks to get handcrafted and built for you and delivered to you so to decipher weather you want to well do you go to the you got to make sure that if you're not jus. Buying a new bed if you're doing your interior design as well then you need to measure out the dimensions for the bed if you do building wardrobe or building fixtures then you need to design those around the bed both the headboard an. And the footboard with the TV bed to get across now the price of this bed is 1499 pounds now retail R six weeks for it to get prepared for you from the you are able to take the delivery of the bed so hope you enjoyed this.


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