Ophilia Double Bed No Foot Board

So I want to discuss the Rafaela double bedI want to go throughwhy this bed is a contemporary choice until modern if you if you're bed room to look spacious uh designed that this is the best choice for younow what I would say is this. Bad has all of the markings of theoffers you choice of feeling like you've got the bestvalue for money if you're not bothered about having a football nose you know I I personallyunless the football's got some type of specific functi. Like the TV bends or a mirror or something like a close Rack or something I don't know unless it's got some particular function other than just being a footballyou know I'm not too interested in having a football personally right un.

He'S Got No Specific !

He's got no specific functions so those bit I mean to you a bed may not look right unless it's got a football team right but to me I've always been used but I suppose since childhood that have never had a footboard so I don't think. I would ever like one so it just depends what you're used to uh I prefer these tiles open beds to be honest they're open frombut I suppose actually thinking about itsay if you've got a big room right right and you want to put more t. Than one bed in there let's say it's a family you know Family Sharing in the bedroom right which in some situations happens right then I think you know our tall footboard would add an element of privacyin that kind of scenario which.

I think you know isit's quite nice to have an element of privacy in that type of situationso I would say that having that type ofpoor situation yeah man but other than that normal news situations you got your own room you know as yo. You and your partnerthat's fine this bed off for you herewith a pH it's probably the best one that you could getin terms ofvalue for moneyso I would say the best way for you toget the best a result from this style of bed with a tall. Headboard the multi-style design you know in the pin cushion board headboard and around around the base and stuff like that this is just a frame by the way by the way so you'd have to select a mattress as well[Music] whichever ones.

Need have a look around the content here and you should find the mattress that you're looking for this has a width or a height of like 100 [Music] depth of200 and 10 centimeters sofactoring all that it all comes withtwo-year guarant. A longer guarantee for the bed in the framecomes in seven different colors andcan be handcrafted for you within six weeks under six weeksso the price of this bed is at the moment 950 poundsthought she was fairly moderate for this ti. For this time of bed so I'm sure you would agree it's a great choiceand I would say thatit would be quite enjoyable to have a choice of bedhope you like this and make sure you like share and subscribe.



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