Half-naked man sets church cross on FIRE in Los Angeles, hops rooftops & scales utility lines to escape (VIDEOS)

A man wearing nothing but a pair of blue shorts scaled a church in LA and set its cross ablaze, local media footage shows, with the scantily clad arsonist then beating a hasty retreat across rooftops and powerlines.

Dramatic videos captured by local news agencies circulated on social media late on Wednesday night, showing the unidentified man as he climbed atop the Boyle Heights church and attempted to ignite a cross on its roof.

The individual then attempted to flee as officers arrived at the scene, leaping across at least three rooftops, and later grabbing onto a powerline and shimmying over the street below in an exceptionally dangerous getaway.

The suspect’s motives remain unclear, and it is unknown whether he suffers any form of mental illness or psychosis. 

While the LAPD had been following him in a helicopter with a bright spotlight, the department reportedly switched to infrared monitors to avoid agitating the man further. He reportedly remains at large. 

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