PM Commons statement on coronavirus: 12 October 2020

 Mr Speaker, with your permission, I will make a statement on our continuing fight against coronavirus

and how we intend to fulfil our simultaneous objectives

saving lives, protecting the NHS

while keeping our children in school and our economy running,

and protecting jobs and livelihoods

This morning the Deputy Chief Medical Officer set out the stark reality of the second wave of this virus

the number of cases has quadrupled in the last three weeks

there are now more people in hospital with Covid

than when we went into lockdown on March 23

and deaths are already rising

and of course there are those who say that on that logic we should go back into a full national lockdown

of indefinite duration

closing schools and businesses

telling people again to stay at home as we did in March

once again shuttering our lives and our society

I do not believe that would be the right course,

We would not only be depriving our children of their education

we would do such damage to our economy as to erode our long term ability to fund the NHS and other crucial public services

And on the other side of the argument there are those who think that the patience of the public is now exhausted

and that we should abandon the fight against Covid




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