Monday, October 12, 2020

Pokemon Go Appears To Be Adding Some Wierd Eggs [UPDATE]

As teased, a new type of eggs has premiered in Pokemon Go. As part of a new event, players can get red eggs from Team Go Rocket grunts, which will hatch into Poison- and Dark-type Pokemon. The original story follows.

Pokemon Go is introducing a new type of egg soon. The game's official Twitter account shared a short teaser clip showing off a clutch of eggs specked with red polka dots. "We've heard reports from Spark that he's stumbled upon an odd, distinctly red egg. Stay tuned as we learn more," the tweet reads.

What's notable about the clip is that the eggs are shrouded in the same purple aura that veils Team Go Rocket's Shadow Pokemon, suggesting that Shadow Pokemon will hatch from them. Niantic itself seems to have inadvertently confirmed this; a deleted version of the tweet revealed that the clip was named "RocketEggs," all but confirming that the new red eggs are tied to Team Go Rocket.


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